Avidian Professional Services

Avidian provides experienced specialists who can help you plan, install, configure and test Prophet CRM in your environment. Using proven project management methodologies our Professional Services team will help complete your implementation on–time and within budget. We also provide basic skills instruction of Prophet CRM and related Apps for your staff.


Prophet 7 Implementation Programs You Can Choose

All services are managed by Avidian’s in-house CRM Implementation Experts. This means anyone installing or updating a Prophet CRM solution receives, as an additional benefit, the experience from thousands of customer installations, configurations, customizations, and trainings. This ensures an optimized CRM implementation and high level of user adoption.

The following plans are available, based on the size, scope, and needs of the CRM deployment.




Premier Plus

Service Options

Training Training Consulting Training Consulting Verification Training Consulting Verification Delivery

Implementation Service Hours


4 8 20 40
Implementation type Remote Implementation Remote Implementation Remote Implementation Remote Implementation
OnSite Implementation Available at extra cost (T&E)
Configure and Setup Consulting  
(Includes template and data mapping instruction,best practices consultation and verification)
Up to 1 hour instruction only Up to 3 hours (Instruction, Consultation, Verification) Up to 5 hours (Instruction, Consultation, Verification Custom (Consult, Design, and Delivery of up to 2 Templates)
Data Migration Instruction Up to 1 hour Instruction (instruction only) Up to 1 hour Instruction (instruction only) Up to 3 hours (Instruction and Verification) Up to 3 hours (Instruction and Verification)
User Adoption Training Up to 2 hours Feature based Training Up to 4 hours Custom Curriculum Up to 12 hours custom Curriculum & Train the Trainer Develop & Create Custom Plan
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