Avidian Sales Roundup, January 16

If effectiveness, productivity, and sales inspiration are your goals, we’ve found the fodder to keep your team motivated. This week, we reviewed fantastic articles from powerhouses like Ian Narino, Diana Booher, and Michael Pedone, who share insights about everything sales. Whether you’ve got cold calling, leadership refinement, or email marketing strategy on your mind, we’ve got fresh information to keep your sales team on their toes.

4 Resolutions for Sales Managers (LifeHealthPRO)

Sales pro Ian Narino pens this motivational article for new ways to inspire sales teams this year. He suggests that managers move away from authoritarian management styles and look towards concepts such as coaching, authentic leadership (instead of management), and person-to-person interaction. This is a great, short read that will get you thinking about how you’ll lead differently in 2015.

3 Steps to an Effective LinkedIn Profile for Sales Reps (Target Marketing Magazine)

Social selling phenom Jeff Molander shares his insight as to how sales reps can increase their leads through developing a winning presence on LinkedIn. Specifically, he shows readers how to use specific areas of the profile to “sell” themselves better. This is a very in-depth article with examples and actionable advice that will guide you step-by-step to create a LinkedIn profile that leads to more sales.

2 Minutes on BrightTALK: 5 Sales Barriers: Video (BrightTALK)

This is one video in a series by BrightTALK that gets advice from top sales professionals, managers, and consultants about topics that affect everyone. In this segment, Ralph Barsi highlights major issues that keep sale reps from meeting quotas. These include obscurity, lack of focus, lack of activity, lack of customer awareness, and failure to improve. He suggests that sales reps need to be focused on the customer’s needs in order to overcome these barriers.

The Link Between Persuasion and Productivity (The Productivity Pro)

Guest poster Dianna Booher explains how productivity is related to persuasion by means of relieving the pain of the buying experience. She suggests strategies like bundling goods and services, eliminating small or recurring fees, and using creative payment methods (like “bill me later” services or “try before you buy” offers) as ways to make your sales easier and quicker to close. This is an excellent, short article for both new and seasoned sales professionals.

4 Signals That Help Sales Reps Know When a Prospect is Ready to Talk (Forbes)

Founder and CEO of Datanyze, Ilya Semin gives fantastic insight as to key moments when prospects are more likely to make a purchase decision. He highlights times like management changes, contract renewals, and new products that might be complemented by yours. It’s a short, interesting article that will help sales reps be more aware of their customers and notice the specific signs that they’re ready to buy.

Best “Opener” for New Sales Reps Calling Old Accounts (Eyes On Sales)

Cold calling specialist Michael Pedone shares a few great scripts for new sales reps who are taking over company accounts. Not only are these scripts short and customer-centric, but he teaches readers what kind of prospect they’ll work best on. Whether you’re trying to provide a new possibility or motivate customers seeking a competitive edge, this is the perfect article to brush up on your cold calling skills.

7 Secret Rules for Powerful Sales Emails (Inc.)

Speaker, blogger, and author Geoffrey James give seven quick, easy, and data-backed rules for how to get your sales emails opened. He encourages sales reps to approach emails from the perspective of the buyer – make them quick, easy to understand, and direct. James also give some advice that you don’t normally hear from email sellers, such as don’t use recipients’ names too often or give multiple contact options. Also, this is a great article that you can read and implement in under 10 minutes!

Sales Management: Coaching for the Lombardi Trophy (Customer THINK)

Richard Ruff, co-founder of Sales Momentum and Sales Horizons, makes an apropos metaphor between the world of football and the world of sales management in this timely article. He suggests that sales managers and top-tier sales staff are much like a coach and quarterback – with a tendency to pull out the same plays over and over. Instead, he suggests that sales managers be open to truly coaching (and teaching) no matter how good the sales professional might be.

4 Ways Workplace Design Affects Productivity (Zane Benefits)

Writer Amanda Armstrong opens this article with a statistic from Emerald Insights that says 70% of U.S. offices have open floor plans, and that these bullpen-style offices actually decrease productivity. She suggests that offering a low-noise, enclosed work area is more likely to increase productivity, as well as offering staff workplace alternatives. Private conference rooms, adjustable desks, and work from home options are just a few of the ideas she has for creating a productive workspace.

What Kind of Sales Leader Are You? (Alexander Group: Chief Sales Digest)

Guest blogger Kerry Grimes, SVP of PTC Product and Service Advantage, explains how sales manager attitudes towards collaboration may either help or harm their sales team’s efficacy. These three leadership perspectives – 100% Direct, Partner Neutral, and Partner Advocate – differ on how much they truly want to engage with their customers and colleagues, leading to varied success outcomes. Grimes suggests that the most successful leaders will be willing to partner with others and truly advocate for the best interests of the client.

What Do You Think?

Have you tried any of the strategies that the pros suggest? How are you keeping your sales team motivated and managed effectively? What are the sales tricks that you wish you saw on this list? Please share your ideas and comments with us below. We love to learn new ways to increase sales and revitalize customer relationships!

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