How can I delete categories that are appearing in Prophet?

  1. In Contact Manager, go to Tools > Prophet Administrator

    Avidian Prophet CRM: Prophet Administrator Drop-Down

  2. Select the Categories tab.

    Avidian Prophet CRM: Prophet Administrator Categories

  3. Highlight any categories you’d like to remove from Prophet and then click “Remove.”

  4. If this category is assigned to any contacts or companies within Prophet, you will get a message letting you know how many contacts/companies are assigned to the category.

    Avidian Prophet CRM: One Contact

  5. Click OK to continue.

  6. The category will be deleted and the assignment will be removed from the contacts/companies as well.

How do I share categories with other users?

For any Outlook categories that you create, you must have the other users add those into their Master Category List in Outlook in order to share those between multiple users.

The easiest way to do this is to create a “dummy” contact in Prophet and assign ALL categories to this contact. The reason behind this is so other users can easily open the “dummy” contact and add all categories into their master list.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a “dummy” contact with the name “Contact Category”

  2. Put “Company Category” in the Company field (or you can leave this blank)

  3. Click on Categorize and select ALL CATEGORIES

    Avidian Prophet CRM: Contact Categories View

  4. Select all categories/create all categories that you want to share

    Avidian Prophet CRM: Color Categories - New Category View

  5. Save and close contact

The other user(s) will then…

  1. Open up “Contact Category” contact.

  2. Click on Categorize and select ALL CATEGORIES.

  3. All categories from another user will appear there in white and say “Not in Master Category List” in parenthesis next to the category.

  4. To add these categories into their master list, highlight a white category and click on NEW.

  5. Hit OK (this will auto assign a color, but color matching is unnecessary).

  6. Repeat for all categories and make sure all are selected. Add any that are needed.

  7. Save and close.