How do I assign and share templates to workflow or sales assistant?

Avidian Prophet CRM: Assign Template to New Action View

  1. Open the Prophet Administrator window by clicking on the Tools button from either the Contact or Company Manager.

  2. Select the Sales Automation tab.

  3. Highlight the Template you would like to assign.

  4. Click the Assign button on the right.

  5. Select either Assign Sales Assistant Action or Assign Workflow Action.

  6. Place a checkmark in the Make Action Shared box.

  7. Select the Department you would like to assign the Action to from the dropdown menu.

  8. Change the title if you would like.

  9. Enter the number of days you would like used to calculate the action.

  10. If you are setting up a Workflow Action you will have the option to select the sales stage.

  11. Press Save.