Prophet CRM — A Powerful Replacement for Business Contact Manager (BCM)

Businesses often prepare for a new year with upgrades and new technology. But if you use Microsoft Business Contact Manager (BCM) and are planning to upgrade to Office 2016, you’ll have to find a BCM replacement — the new suite does not support this add-on.

Why is Prophet CRM a good alternative to Business Contact Manager?

Business Contact Manager works by synchronizing email and calendar activity from Outlook to help you manage business data, and Prophet CRM works the same way. Prophet is embedded right into Outlook and uses the same Outlook-generated data to manage analytics, track business opportunities in real time, manage pipelines, and automate sales and marketing tasks to improve business efficiency.

Prophet CRM has a wide spectrum of industry-specific templates that make it easy to adapt to the unique needs of your business, along with a team of implementation experts who will guarantee success. Prophet is mobile, and you can manage contacts, view analytics, and enter data on any device that you can use to access Outlook.

You can also create customizable dashboards to get specific about your data with Prophet CRM. Want to track salesperson progress and revenues with presentable charts? No problem. Want to determine what efforts are producing the most success and scale them? Prophet can take care of that. Want to connect several different workflows and compare marketing and sales pipelines on the go? Prophet can do that, too.

Will I have to reformat all of my business data to use Prophet CRM as a BCM replacement?

No. All you have to do is export your Business Contact Manager data and import it right into Prophet CRM since it uses the same basic data definitions. Prophet will automatically be able to use all of your Outlook contacts, emails, tasks, and appointments.

The similarity between Prophet and Business Contact Manager also means gains in other places:

  • There’s minimal switchover cost.
  • You won’t need to spend a lot of time training employees on new software. Prophet uses Outlook, so any major differences are likely to be intuitive to individuals who are already proficient with Business Contact Manager.
  • Make the Switch

    Ready to get started? Prophet CRM is compatible with Blackberry, Android, and Apple products, and has a dedicated mobile app for iPhone users. Contact one of our CRM experts for more information.

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