The Irony of CRM

People chat about CRM Prophet

Using CRM is essential and the challenge is providing a solution that is an intuitive extension of what your employees already do each day.

I have asked Managers, “Why would you fire one of your employees”? The answer usually implies that the employee is not doing the BASICS of calling, setting appointments, doing follow-ups and closing business. They think the answer is to track all activities by making their employees record them. Then the Manager will drive those metrics and expect higher productivity and success. Seems logical but not that simple in dealing with day to day reality.

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7 Tricks To Increase Your Sales Productivity by 73%

Being a top seller and staying a top seller are two very different situations. We all know that the first few months of selling can be like a natural high, with the sheer excitement to succeed bringing out the best salesperson in most of us. After a while, though, people often find themselves falling into ragged routines that lead overall to a decline in reach and to general sales malaise. Numbers fall.

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