Weekly Sales Roundup, May 2, 2014

This week, we found a number of great resources for sales management and motivation. From articles on how to create a more collaborative relationship with customers, to ideas for using sales call recordings more effectively, these were the can’t-miss highlights for sales teams and their managers. We also provided some excellent additional sales blogs and resources that will help you be a more effective and connected relationship management specialist.

Getting the Sale Without Being a Sleazeball (Entrepreneur)

In this Entrepreneur.com article, Mike Templeton outlines some key ways in which you can keep making sales without ending up turning off your potential customers. Through an excellent call-to-action on your website, a person-focused sales approach, and a collaborative spirit that encourages the customer to see you as a consultant rather than a combatant, you can make your customers more likely to buy and maintain long-term business relationships.

Sales Leaders: 5 Tips for Achieving Your Best (McKinsey & Co.)

Janet Spire pens this interesting article that highlights simple ways to be a more effective sales manager. She specifically discusses how sales managers must create a sense of trust with their employees, through the attributes of reliance, congruence, acceptance, and openness. Spire also recommends taking a “pause” as a method for reaching your full management potential. This “pause” allows managers to stop during a stressful interaction, refocus, and re-engage in a more positive way.

5 Ways to Use Call Recordings to Coach Sales Teams to Success (SalesEngine)

Guest blogger, Howard Brown, gives his advice on how to make call recordings a more productive part of the sales cycle. In this article, he encourages sales managers to focus on what the sales team is doing right, spot-check shorter calls, teach sales staff how to listen more actively, and examine the phone lead quality from each marketing campaign.

There Are Some You Cannot Save (A Note to the Leader) (The Sales Blog)

Author Anthony Iannarino shares some poignant and hard-hitting truths in this short blog post. Although sales managers generally want to help their team members be successful, some behavioral patterns will make this virtually impossible. Sales team members who break promises, shift blame, make excuses, and refuse to  incorporate change will not only be difficult to work with, but are unlikely to be successful in the marketplace.

The Importance of Following Up (Eyes On Sales)

Mike Brooks shares a personal vignette in order to illuminate the importance of following up with hot leads right away. In the process of trying to choose a real estate agent to sell his home, he is shocked to discover that two competing agencies leave his business hanging for days before trying to close him and his wife as an account. One possible solution he poses is implementing an effective CRM software for sales people.

Why Do You Sell? (Business2Community)

In this interesting introspective, Dave Brock considers the many reasons why a salesperson decides to continue in sales as a long-term career choice. He brings up aspects such as networking, collaboration, and competition, in addition to the clear monetary rewards. Most importantly, he suggests that building trust and helping others is among the top reasons why salespeople do what they do.

Trouble in Paradise? How to Reignite Customers’ Interest in Loyalty Programs (Entrepreneur)

David Andreadakis shares some pertinent information about how to know it’s time to infuse your sales strategy with a customer loyalty program, and how to make the program more effective. Important talking points include how to know if your customer relationships are in need of loyalty program “counseling,” providing reciprocal customer loyalty, and gamifying your rewards program.

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