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About MS Dynamics Software


Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides CRM software and services to businesses. MS Dynamics provides support for sales, marketing, and service tasks and can be purchased in two forms: Dynamics CRM On–Premises and Dynamics CRM Online. The on–premises version is hosted on–site, while the online version is hosted by Microsoft. Both products offer the same basic services and provide sales, service, and marketing tools to businesses.

Dynamics CRM also offers enterprise resource planning tools such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, a multi–language, enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool with features for several departments involved with company resources. Dynamics AX also offers additional industry capabilities based on the needs of particular sectors.

Some other components of the MS Dynamics suite include MS Dynamics GP, which helps small businesses manage employees and financial instruments; MS Dynamics NAV, business management tools which can help small and mid–sized organizations with their supply chain and personnel; and MS Dynamics SL, a tool which helps companies plan their growth.

MS Dynamics CRM Comparison

Like other ERP and CRM tools, Dynamics contact management software handles critical tasks such as customer service, financial reporting, and monitoring of performance factors. Key business processes such as sales, marketing, and forecasting receive support from MS Dynamics CRM software. MS Dynamics offers a familiar Office–like platform accessible to all users of an organization and focuses on customer interaction from first point of contact to sales to marketing follow–up.

Since MS Dynamics is a Microsoft product, it can easily integrate with other MS tools such as Outlook and Excel for seamless transition from one task to another. Other features of MS Dynamics CRM software include customer segmentation, data extraction, information–sharing tools, account and contact management, and mobile application tools.

MS Dynamics can also be adapted to the way you do business by streamlining your important business processes and adapting to the flow of your sales cycles. MS Dynamics also integrates with other third–party productivity tools. This powerful tool works best for larger businesses set up as corporations.

How Dynamics CRM and Prophet CRM work with Microsoft Outlook

Both Dynamics CRM software and Prophet CRM software attach themselves to the e-mail program Microsoft Outlook as a way of managing contacts. Prophet CRM software works within Outlook to create and manage contacts. Dynamics CRM software piggybacks itself onto Outlook, and manages the e-mail information, but has to pull that information out of Outlook before it can be manipulated or changed. Even though the Dynamics CRM software is produced by Microsoft itself, it does not work within Outlook, but outside of it. The Prophet CRM software actually works within Outlook and makes the connections to the information much more easily. Both Dynamics CRM and Prophet CRM enable employees to share sales information. In this case, Prophet CRM software wins again because it allows users to share the data through peer to peer channels and directly through email since it runs directly through Microsoft Outlook, instead of having to export it before you can send the information. With Dynamics CRM software, the information that needs to be shared has to be exported from the records before it can be sent to the e-mail program, which is an extra step in the information sharing process that really shouldn’t be necessary.

3 Reasons to Try Prophet over MS Dynamics

Many businesses are ready to make the leap and commit to a CRM solution, consulting MS Dynamics software review sites, considering whether to implement this powerful program or an alternative. In a Prophet and MS Dynamics CRM comparison, Prophet comes in ahead of MS Dynamics for many businesses because it doesn’t require expert knowledge, migrating information from other tools, or the time and cost of training employees. Other reasons to try Prophet over Dynamics include:

1. Good for small business owners

If you’re a small–sized business looking to grow and expand, a tool like Prophet is a better choice over a larger more complicated tool such as MS Dynamics. Prophet’s structure works well for small–business owners because it offers features larger companies such as Microsoft overlook. Features such as advanced filtering for opportunities, task–information sharing among team members, centralized reporting, an offline mode for mobile users, and automated scheduling for a variety of tasks make routine business duties simple for owners and employees alike.

2. Easy to use

For a CRM tool to be useful to you, it must be easy to use and must integrate with the tools you already use. Prophet’s holistic yet simple interface gives you the most commonly used tools within reach, and all are accessed via Outlook, a tool you probably already use. Using Prophet’s Sales assistant, email and calendaring apps, you can send emails and reminders and assign tasks all automatically, all without learning how to use a new app.

3. Dashboard Folders

One of the best features of Prophet is its dashboard and simple interface. Unlike larger, more advanced tools, the dashboard summarizes all of your opportunities and lists the day’s tasks and activities in simple, well–defined folders. In the Contact and Opportunity Manager subfolders, you’ll find contacts and companies and related opportunities, and the Report Manager subfolder contains 32 report options, and you can save, print, and share these reports in a variety of formats.