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About Sugar Software


Since its creation in 2004, SugarCRM software has been one of the primary innovators in the open source software community. The brainchild of John Roberts, the goal of this software was to create a CRM platform that was free and adaptable. Sugar attracted both businesses and programmers, and eventually, the SugarCRM community forged it into a premium CRM product. In just 3 months after it’s first release, it was named the “Project of the Month” on SourceForge, with an astounding 25,000 downloads.

Sugar CRM also revolutionized the way that the programming and software community viewed open source modeled software, as it was one of the first open–sourced softwares to raise venture capital. In fact, it raised over $46 million dollars from backers such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Walden International, and New Enterprise Associates. In 2012, the Ministry of Education in New Zealand adopted a SugarCRM contact management solution with the help of Daylight Consulting as the integration team.

The open–source community has set SugarCRM software apart from many other platform. Because it has been available freely, it has readily gained popularity, and its flexibility has allowed it to adapt to new social and communication softwares from companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, and GoToMeeting. In a major change to the business structure, the most recent version, Sugar 7, was released in 2013, but without the open source option.

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Prophet CRM by Avidian


Mobile is the ability to access data from the CRM on a mobile device. The most common devices used are iPhone and Android Tablets and Phones. Sugar CRM is available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Prophet CRM is available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Analytics and Dashboards

Analytics and Dashboards contains the features required to monitor Campaign Metrics, Sales Reports, and Dashboards from right inside Microsoft Outlook. The best Outlook CRM software and plugin will enable a real–time view into sales, marketing without having to open a second window or application, saving your sales team an extra step. The Sugar Outlook plugin does not provide Sugar’s analytics features, which are only available through the Sugar website. Analytics and opportunity tracking are available right inside Outlook. Management and others with access permissions can also use Outlook to instantly roll up team data in meaningful ways, facilitating analysis of campaign metrics and enabling quick adjustments.

Learning Curve

CRM software isn’t always software that you can just get up and running on in hours – it can often take days, and sometimes even weeks to fully learn. It requires a certain level of setup and practice to fully take advantage of all the features a CRM software has to offer. CRM Companies that offer training materials and online guides for Microsoft Outlook implementation can help reduce this learning time. Sugar CRM’s online platform can be set up easily, and most users become familiar with it soon after creating an account. The Sugar CRM Outlook plugin, while free, requires additional downloads and is not part of the standard Sugar package. Prophet works within Microsoft Outlook, where many users already do much of their work. Most users can get up and running with Prophet CRM quickly, as they do not need to change to another system. Outlook integration forms the core of Prophet.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation contains a set of features used to automate the marketing process from inside Microsoft Outlook like pre–built email templates, mass emailing, and auto response rules. These features generally come with most CRM Software but are often not accessible in Outlook, requiring users to open another window an log into the online portal Marketing automation for Sugar CRM typically involves integration with a third-party system to which Sugar provides the hooks. Systems like Marketo or HubSpot add to the total cost and create a more difficult learning curve for staff. Marketing automation can be set up within Prophet, furnishing prospects with carefully timed newsletters or outreach without manual intervention.


Reporting contains the essential features required to report on key performance indicators from inside Microsoft Outlook CRM. The best Outlook CRM software and plugins will come with a real–time view into sales performance and metrics. Most top CRM products will enable easy custom reporting from inside Outlook Several reports can be found through the web-based interface, but cannot be accessed through Sugar’s Outlook plugin. Prophet puts reports and data right on your desktop in your Outlook software, making information easily accessible.

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) are features used to streamline the sales process and allow the user to focus on sales and customer service, not updating the CRM. This includes automation of tasks like contact management, lead tracking, escalation rules, and even lead routing from right inside Outlook. The top CRM software products help drive sales performance by to reducing redundant steps, improved efficiencies from automation, and allowing users to work unhindered inside Outlook. The Sugar Outlook plugin offers no sales automation features. Each Prophet user can set up automated emails in Outlook to maintain a presence with prospects. These emails can be personalized based on developments with a particular prospect. New leads are automatically sent to the right users through Outlook, eliminating incorrect assignments, lag, and wasted marketing efforts. Sales force automation is available in the standard Prophet package.


CRM Support encompasses the various ways to contact the CRM vendor with technical support issues. This can include the traditional channels of support like phone, email, and chat. The most helpful ones often offer on premise assistance with training, setup and data migration. Support is available five days a week, eight hours a day for the Professional Edition. Professional Edition users can increase this to 12 hours at additional cost, while Corporate and Enterprise Editions include this functionality at no further cost. Professional Edition high-priority responses come within four hours, while lower-priority responses can take two business days. Enterprise & Corporate Editions get the same four hour high-priority responses, but wait only a day for low-priority responses. Enterprise Edition customers receive telephone support standard, while other Editions can purchase it for an additional cost. Avidian’s award winning support ranges from self–help FAQs and videos to classroom style training. All Prophet users can access support Monday through Friday, from 6:00am to 5:00pm. Most editions offer support online or by phone within four hours, and Gold Edition users can receive support within half that time. Gold Edition users also get access to a Priority Support telephone line and the next available support representative.
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What is SugarCRM?

Even though SugarCRM contact management software is a valuable asset to the CRM development community, there are a few reasons why many users are choosing Prophet CRM instead. The business model of Sugar has been innovative, but that innovation has also impacted key areas like customer service, security, and organizational stability. This has made Prophet a more attractive and reliable choice for organizations who are looking for a long–term CRM solution.

3 Reasons to Try Prophet over Sugar

Even though SugarCRM contact management software is a valuable asset to the CRM development community, there are a few reasons why many users are choosing Prophet CRM instead. The business model of Sugar has been innovative, but that innovation has also impacted key areas like customer service, security, and organizational stability. This has made Prophet a more attractive and reliable choice for organizations who are looking for a long–term CRM solution.

1. Customer Service

Despite the fact that there are many fantastic “wizard” applications embedded into the SugarCRM software itself, the sheer number of options within the program itself can lead to technical confusion. Unfortunately, this means that users must request the help of Sugar Customer Service, which guarantees response times in relation to the cost of the system purchased. In one SugarCRM review, a customer stated that an Enterprise–level customer waits as little as an hour for help with a broken system, while a lower–paying Professional user must wait an average of four hours before getting their website or internal communication device back online.

Many a SugarCRM review shows that customers are moving to Prophet. Customer service agents are available 24 hours a day, directly from the platform, on social media communities, or by telephone. Most technical issues are resolved within an hour, which means that communication doesn’t stall and cause loss of business for customers from organizations of any size.

2. High Up–Front Cost

In a simple Prophet and SugarCRM comparison, price makes a big difference. The annual online User Subscription License (USL) is reported at between $360 and $1200 per person, with a minimum investment of five licenses and a full year contract. This can be incredibly cost–prohibitive for small companies and startups.

On the other hand, Prophet CRM has a cost of $25 per user, per month, single user license. This low price makes Prophet much better choice for companies looking to try a CRM and then scale to the needs of in–house and remote workers, as needed.

3. Integration with Microsoft Products

While it is possible to integrate Microsoft Office, Excel, and Outlook with SugarCRM software, it is not easy. Plug–ins are required to do simple tasks like word processing and email merging, which can disrupt the data flow and sometimes lead to mismanagement and lost information. Several Sugar software reviews also state that it doesn’t integrate well with Exchange or allow the modification of simple .pdf reports in any way, making it less flexible than it seems.

On the other hand, in a Prophet/Sugar CRM comparison, Prophet earns notoriety for its ability to integrate with Microsoft Outlook. With Prophet, administrators can set up seamless mail merges, workflow management processes, and document sharing conversations, incorporating any type of Microsoft product (the most popular information platform in the world) with no data lost.