Our formula for success is simple at Avidian: Make our customers successful.

Cited below are our various case studies of companies that span different industries and range greatly in company size, yet all have one common theme: Prophet CRM has played a significant role in helping them understand and grow their business. We invite you to read through these case studies and see how the problems Prophet CRM resolved for them might apply to you.

Our Customer Case Studies

“Prophet CRM and the Sales IOR have allowed management to drive a culture of accountability throughout Alston Construction.”

Industry: Construction
Company Size: 200 Employees

“Prophet is our lifeblood.”

Industry: IT Service
Company Size: 15 Employees

“In our business, it is grow or die. And Prophet helps us grow.”

Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution
Company Size: 2800 Employees

“Prophet helps my team be heroes.”

Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution
Company Size: 70 Employees

“I would be insane without Prophet.It allows me to know I have a handle on my business in a simple and efficient way as I could ever imagine.”

Industry: Food & Distribution
Company Size: 31 Employees

“There has to be flexibility, as flexibility is critical to each broker’s business style . . . that flexibility is Prophet.”

Industry: Commercial Real Estate Services
Company Size: 65 Employees

“Prophet helps us build – and maintain – trust with all our clients.”

Industry: Construction
Company Size: 180 Employees

“Everything is tracked (in Prophet). We know who did it, what they did, and when they did it.”

Industry: Mortgage Services
Company Size: 1,000 Employees

CRM is a partnership

The people behind the CRM are arguably more important than the CRM application itself. Avidian does not outsource any professional service responsibilities what so ever. All implementation consultants, technical support personnel, data migration specialists, and integrations engineers are full time, dedicated Avidian employees located at our headquarters in Seattle. All of these people have one objective: To help you get the most from Prophet CRM. Our services teams do not merely show you how Prophet CRM works; they help you identify what data to track and how to track it to help you gain a competitively advantageous insight into your business. We are only a success if you are a success.

Listed below are just a few of the constant stream of kudos we receive from our customers regarding our services team:

Ringler Associates Logo

“Chantelle went out of her way to learn and understand OUR BUSINESS. She was meticulous in assuring that we were onboard and comfortable AT EACH AND EVERY STEP. All questions and/or issues were addressed promptly.”

Ringler Associates

TelePacific Communications logo

“Kaye did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable that this product would help accomplish my goals in managing my accounts. Hans did a fabulous job with the overview and training.”

TelePacific Communications

Harbour Contractors Logo

“I was very impressed with Hans. His level of professionalism and flexibility was greatly appreciated and he was really good at adjusting to our changing conditions.”

Harbour Contractors

Levinson and Company Logo

“Brianne Jeong was very helpful, took the time to understand how I needed to use Prophet, and was insightful in offering approaches to implement Prophet to support our needs.”

Levinson and Company