Bayley Construction

The name Nordstrom is synonymous with quality service in the fashion retail market. When Nordstrom decides to build a new store, they naturally gravitate towards a construction company with the same values and principles that their brand staunchly upholds. Enter Bayley Construction, who has built more than 90 of Nordstrom’s full-line retail stores.

Bayley’s reputation for quality in the industry has earned them some strong relationships with many companies known for quality, including Nordstrom and Disney. But regardless of the client size or notoriety, Bayley Construction takes all its client relationships very seriously. Bayley’s intense customer service focus combined with the family feel of their business allows them to move quickly and do by right by their customers. It’s no wonder the company’s tagline is Quality People. Quality Buildings.

Vice President of Business Development Warren Johnson joined Bayley Construction in 1999. In 2008, Warren decided they needed a better way to track and manage their growing business. Like many companies, Bayley was primarily using Excel-based documents to track their sales activities and general business, but the data entry and reporting was inconsistent at best. After evaluating several different CRM system options, Warren decided on Prophet CRM because of its convenience of being integrated within Microsoft Outlook and its easy-to-use interface. “We’re always chasing projects,” Warren explains. “Prophet’s ease of use, ease of entering notes, and convenience of associating emails to sales opportunities are key for us. Prophet CRM allows us to easily track activities so we can build off that last activity for the next.”

Client sales activities between Bayley Constructions Washington, Arizona, and California, offices often overlap, and keeping those activities straight can be a challenge. “With our sales activity centralized, Prophet CRM allows us to easily share data between offices. Prophet often gives us information we need to turn what would otherwise be a cold call into a warm call.”

Prophet also provides Bayley Construction with critical management reports, from daily pipeline reports to quarterly sales activity summary reports. But according to Warren, the biggest benefit is trust. “We use Prophet CRM’s Next Step feature to keep organized and stay on top of our client obligations. Following through on customer commitments (no matter how big or small) is key to any relationship in building trust. It’s also important not to over-manage a client relationship. Prophet helps us build—and maintain—that trust with all of our clients.” And of course trust is at the root of all quality business relationships.