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Prophet CRM analytics and reporting tools merge data from Outlook and other sources to visualize what’s happening within the sales pipeline. View interactive pipelines, forecasts, trended performance, and sales activities.

Three types of customizable reports and analysis tools are available within Prophet CRM.


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Three tiers of CRM System reporting and analysis to help understand and manage your business.

GridView Reports

Prophet GridViews enable team members to query, filter and sort contact, company, and opportunity data. Build and run custom reports in GridView on any data point stored within an opportunity, contact, or company field. Save these predefined views for future access.


Prophet GridViews enable team members to query, filter, and sofrt contact, company, and opportunity data.


Export Prophet GridView data for pivot reporting and use in other third party data analysis suites. Exports are created in the standard current Excel workbook format.


Activity-Based Reports

Prophet Report Manager empowers sales and business managers to inspect sales rep activity required to close business. Report categories provide a helpful starting point for drilling down into specific activity metrics. Organize and save reports for future one click reference, or export them for others to view. Report generator provides specific insight into what activities the team is working on and can be sorted based on company, activity type, sales rep, or date.


Visual CRM Analytics

Prophet Analytics provides a comprehensive set of highly actionable, full color performance dashboards. Leveraging a powerful Qlikview reporting engine to aggregate and display information inside the Prophet CRM software, Prophet Analytics transforms your data into interactive graphs and tables.


Here are a few of the 13 pre-packaged reports* available within Prophet CRM analytics software:

Pipeline Activities

Pipeline reports show sales forecasts, overall pipeline value, and how individuals are developing their funnels. Pipeline reports are customizable based on month, quarter or yearly filters and can be saved for future review.


Activity Reporting

Activity reports show the efficiency of each sales rep, the activities required to close a deal, and which sales reps are generating the most activity. These are all helpful ways to visualize and report on efficacy of the sales team based on their inputs into the business.


Sales Stages

Sales reports show the sales process in graphic form, layering time-based graphs to show things like sales cycles, sales rep stage distribution, conversions based on stage, and rep-based conversion metrics.



Win reports provide goal-based visualizations of sales rep performance to goal and conversion metrics.


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