Sales Pipeline Management

Prophet expands basic Outlook contact management and adds company and opportunity managers, all displayed cleanly within the Outlook interface. Each record tracks sales activities and specific contact data for a comprehensive status report on a prospect’s condition.

Prophet enables sales teams to capture whatever data is most important to closing business, and its sales pipeline management and project management capabilities are used by thousands of companies globally to manage prospects, customers, partners, and vendors in a streamlined place.


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Automatic Sales Activity Tracking in Outlook

Do you ever wish you could see a complete timeline of interaction with clients, customers, and partners? Prophet captures Outlook interactions automatically within the Prophet CRM database. When emails, tasks, meetings, and notes are created, it’s all tracked for quick reference and easy recall for reporting.


Always know precisely which contacts have been active and gain real-time insight about the number of activities required to successfully move deals through stages to closure.

Here are a couple of ways that sales automation helps teams improve tracking efficiency:

  1. Need to send an email to a prospect? It’s automatically tracked and saved within the Prophet Opportunity Record.
  2. Sending that email from your mobile phone? It’s still tracked – Prophet records the activity.
  3. Setting a meeting with a prospective client? All details are tracked automatically with Prophet.

Manage the Sales Pipeline in Prophet GridView

Effectively managing deals is a critical function for any sales team or business. Prophet makes sales pipeline management simple. Prophet GridView displays deal information in an intuitive spreadsheet-like format, combined with a powerful yet simple query, filter, and sort capability similar to Microsoft Excel.

Configure sales pipelines the way you want to see them: by team member, sales stage, revenue, probability, next steps… it’s all possible. Once a view is configured, it can be saved for quick future reference.

Building GridViews from opportunities, contacts, or companies enables anyone in the business to visualize the CRM data that’s important for their specific role.


Commonly configured sales pipeline GridViews include:

  • Sorting a sales rep’s probability of closure for an expected closed date range.
  • Filtering on last modified date to see lagging or inactive sales opportunities.
  • Viewing opportunities with a specific sales stage.
  • Filtering Won/Loss sales status to see revenue contribution and lost revenue potential.
  • Querying and sorting revenue generated of won opportunities/projects by sales and marketing channel.

Find The Information You Need

Prophet CRM provides a comprehensive search capability designed to provide quick access to anything stored in Outlook or Prophet. Query, filter, and sort based on file or record type, date, or any other field within Prophet to get the information you need – quickly. Contextual Search and Gridview are available at all times within Prophet CRM.


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