Net Promoter Score

Avidian is an NPS (Net Promoter Score) driven company. This means we are customer-focused and actively solicit and incorporate feedback from you (our customer) to help determine how we craft and change our product and services strategies and offerings. We ask customers to complete a brief NPS survey whenever an implementation is complete or a support ticket is closed.

Although the overwhelming majority of the feedback is positive, we want to hear all feedback – good, bad, or indifferent. We adamantly believe we only get better by listening to our customers. Below are just a few of the many voluntary comments from our customers over the last year regarding our services. Be assured, whoever you deal with at Avidian will listen and focus on you and your company, and has a vested interested in your success.

I have never worked with a company that provided such exceptional service. Not only is the response time remarkable but the fact that you actually get on my system and fix the problem is exceptional. Keep up the good work.

– Marina D.

I was very pleased with my first call into the help desk. This issue was resolved in a very short time. I felt that Shelly was courteous, professional and patient. Fantastic!

– Dale C.

Justin was very helpful, as he has been in the past. He is very polite and informative as to why the issues would occur. Any time I have a problem, I’m not worried knowing that Justin is there to help.

– Lisa S.

Rose was AWESOME Very personable and efficient – she knew exactly how to fix my issue. Thank you so much Rose!

– Julie R.

Working with Avidian support is like dealing with nice coworkers on the other side of the building. You guys have made it very comfortable for us to contact you guys without hesitation. We appreciate all your support and dedication and looking forward to continued support from Avidian team.

– Walid M.

I was very impressed with Hans. His level of professionalism and flexibility was greatly appreciated and he was really good at adjusting to our changing conditions.

– Roger S.

Hans Hoffmeister was an excellent advisor and coach.

– Adam C.

Hans was great in being patient with us and adapting to the unique challenges our organization has.

– Heidi H.

Shelly McNaught was so incredibly patient and helpful!

– Rachel R.

John Bridge: His one-on-one approach has been monumental to me achieving success.

– Mattie T.

The thought of a 4-hour implementation call was a little daunting but Brianne was outstanding. She provided just the right pace with the right amount (and length) of breaks. She’s excellent to work with. Warren was also excellent in providing the info we needed to make our decision as well as his follow-up – including scheduling our demo call, which wasn’t easy.

– Bob B.

Our implementation went quite well due to Chantelle taking the time listen and adjust with how we currently do business and adjusting the application to fit.

– Peter V.

Hans has done a great job making sure our salespeople using the product have questions answered.

– Arnie S.

Brianne Jeong was very helpful, took the time to understand how I needed to use Prophet, and was insightful in offering approaches to implement Prophet to support our needs.

– Larry R.

Kaye and Hans went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable with the product and offerings.

– Elizabeth

Hans was great. He not only did a great job leading me through the mechanics of Prophet but he also made sure I thought about how we’d use it, problems others encountered, etc. These insights were really helpful when it came to customizing the templates.

– Scott E.

Our project manager Chantelle was approachable, responsive and went above and beyond.

– Courtney S.

They were all good, Hans went beyond the call of duty a number of times for me, responding outside work hours etc.

– Roy S.

Very impressed with both Chantelle and Brianne because of their technical ability and willingness to help and make things work.

– Paul S.

Brianne was and continues to be AMAZING. Really, great through the entire process.

– Joshua B.

Donnita Weese and Hans Hoffmeister were all very timely and knowledgeable. We were very happy with our implementation team and account manager.

– Sonia M.

Hans helped us through the whole process and was always upbeat during training, knew what to discuss next, and was able to at least try to get all users involved in the discussion.

– Jacob D.

I have to tell you Chantelle Wilkins was very helpful! When I would try to describe something and did not know what I was trying to communicate, she knew the system so well, SHE KNEW where I was trying to go! Made things more efficient and understanding.

– Theresa S.

Brianne Jeong was extremely patient, knows how to assess the trainees, and was extremely thorough and approachable. Wonderful experience working with her!

– Kimiko

Hans was great in being patient with us and adapting to the unique challenges our organization has.

– Heidi H.