CRM Resources

Find Prophet CRM tools, documentation, and videos, plus other industry resources to help you learn about customer relationship management. These CRM resources will help you expand your knowledge of what’s important to know and how to consider implementing a CRM solution within your business.

Before you decide to adopt a CRM, read what we have developed. The growth of customer relationship management is projected to expand globally to $36 billion by 2017. Depending on the authority, it is estimated that anywhere between 30-70% of all implementations fail to succeed for one or more three key reasons: user adoption, failed expectations, lack of sufficient planning.

Whats New

  • Prophet CRM Videos describe how Prophet’s key features operate in simple, clear feature-based shorts.

  • Prophet CRM User Guides and Manuals provide detailed information on how to use and configure Prophet.

  • CRM University details industry specific assessments of how and what CRM means for businesses in those verticals.

  • CRM Comparisons provide a review of CRM solutions on the market and webinars help sales leaders learn what’s important when managing a sales team.

  • How to Use Outlook - Streamline Tasks, Boost Productivity, and Get Ahead. Written by the Avidian Team after years of helping thousands of people become more effective in Outlook.

Prophet CRM Videos

What is Prophet?

See how Prophet eliminates the need for duplicate entry and works in parallel with Microsoft Outlook.

Contact Manager

Learn how Contact Manager turns Outlook into a true customer relationship management tool. Contact Manager keeps your Outlook information up-to-date, enhancing the capability to track communications to clients and focus more time on sales vs say duplicate data-entry.

Opportunity Manager

Opportunity manager enables you to create an opportunity from a contact, email or from scratch. Customize and group opportunities based on how you want to see your funnel and keep track of which opportunities require follow-up.

Workflow Automation

Prophet is customizable to your business. Learn how workflow automation will save you significant time managing your customers and prospects by reminding you to perform key tasks and automating them when you do. Learn how to set up campaigns depending on the type of customer or contact you need to reach.

Email Marketing

See how to streamline your group email communications within Prophet. Leverage Outlook’s email send functionality and send individual emails all at once. Create templates and send to specific groups of customers or opportunities. Combined with Workflow Manager, Prophet delivers full campaign management for customer facing teams.

Flexible Reporting

Learn how convenient Prophet develops sales reports on the fly and how you can set them up to share actionable insight into your business productivity.

Team and Department Data Sharing

Find out how Prophet provides granular user-based control, so you can share your CRM information with whoever you want, including team-members or other departments.

Instant Updates

See how setting notifications and follow-ups enable instant notification via email whenever changes are made to opportunities are of particular interest to you.

CRM University

If you want to learn more about CRM and it’s application to specific industries these resources will expand your knowledge and help you make the right choice, when the time comes to implement one for your business.

2014 CRM Resource and Guide

The strategy, systems and processes that enable a company to input, update and report on customer interactions are generally called customer relationship management. The software solutions that enable it have earned the name customer relationship management software, or CRM software... Read More

Sales Resource and Guide

There’s something for everyone involved in getting customers to buy a product or service, including sales people, business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs... Read More

CRM for Sales People

Sales professionals have unique CRM needs thanks to the volume of customers they deal with, as well as the plethora of unique needs from each customer... Read More

Manufacturing CRM Solutions

Manufacturing CRM solutions also allow manufacturers to deal directly with distributors, allowing them to track consumer demand levels, manage shipping schedules, and create instant loss reports.... Read More

Small Business CRM Solutions

Small businesses need to track work processes, share documents, and manage activities everywhere. It makes choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software a tricky task... Read More

Real–Estate CRM Solutions

Real estate is a demanding business. Not only do you have to manage lists of properties and work with agents, contractors, and other professionals, you’ve also got to keep your customers happy... Read More

Insurance CRM Solutions

Many agencies are turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to meet their insurance agent needs. Find out why... Read More

Non-Profit CRM Solutions

You will learn about specific non-profit CRM software solutions that can help you improve time management, gather resources, and strengthen relationships... Read More

Government CRM Solutions

Government CRM needs differ from those of businesses in that they must serve the general public at large and not just high–paying customers. Government and public sector agencies need to serve everyone, and they don’t have the luxury of overlooking disgruntled constituents... Read More

Law Firm CRM Solutions

CRM for law offices provides a baseline capacity for an organized, sortable database of contact information that allows the legal practitioner to focus on helping the client, not finding the client... Read More

Automotive CRM Solutions

Nearly all new cars are sold through traditional dealerships, yet strong competition exists between new and used car dealers. These different methods necessitate an auto sales CRM solution... Read More

Travel Agent CRM Solutions

As a customer–centric industry, travel agents have more opportunities to serve and engage customers than other industries, and conversely, to lose customers based on a lack of customer attention or service... Read More

Mortgage Brokers

This resource will show you how implementing a mortgage broker CRM solution can help you develop meaningful relationships with your clients, and subsequently increase your competitiveness and profitability... Read More

Pharmaceutical CRM Solutions

This resource will help you learn how to choose the best CRM for your pharmaceutical business. You will learn what particular qualities are needed in pharmaceutical CRM, as well as what qualities you will need to keep in mind when deciding what platform best meets your needs... Read More

Financial CRM Solutions

Learn more about the specific CRM needs of the financial services industry, how financial services CRM software addresses those needs, and what Prophet CRM does specifically to help you reach your relationship management goals...Read More

CRM Comparisons

CRM Comparison MS Dynamics

MS Dynamics provides support for sales, marketing, and service tasks and can be purchased in two forms: Dynamics CRM On–Premises and Dynamics CRM Online

CRM Comparison Streak

Streak is a Google Chrome extension that functions as a customer relationship management (CRM) application, and fully integrates with Google Apps and Gmail.

CRM Comparison Siebel

Siebel CRM software helps businesses connect with their customers through Oracle

CRM Comparison Insightly

Insightly CRM is known as a web–based software that offers simplicity and easy integration with many 3rd party applications such as Office365, MailChimp, Facebook, and Twitter.

CRM Comparison Sugar

Sugar contact management software is one of the most popular CRM programs, mainly due to its flexibility.

CRM Comparison Zoho

Zoho CRM software offers a user–friendly way to centrally manage all workflows.

CRM Comparison ACT

Act! CRM Software is a customer relationship management application used to track customer and prospect contact information in a unified database that can be shared by multiple users.

User Guides

Prophet CRM 7 User Guide

Includes information regarding how to install Prophet, how to work with the Contact Manager, Company Records, Opportunity Manager, Prophet Analytics, and more.

Prophet CRM Import Tool

Intuitively import Microsoft Excel data via the .XLSX file format into Prophet CRM. Read here.

Prophet CRM Application Programming Interface (API)

Leverage a REST-based API to perform CRUD operations against query and update Prophet CRM data using with external data-sources. The API uses the OData protocol to create applications and services that automatically perform tasks or interact with Prophet CRM. Read here.

Older Guides

Prophet CRM 6 User Guide

Includes information on how to install Prophet CRM 6 and all features.

Prophet CRM 5 User Guide

Includes information on how to install Prophet CRM 5 and related features.

Prophet CRM 5 OnDemand User Guide

Includes information on how to set up an OnDemand account, configure users, install Prophet and how to use Prophet CRM 5 OnDemand.

Prophet Ultimate User Guide

This Prophet Ultimate user guide includes information regarding how to install Prophet, how to work with the Contact Manager, company Records, Opportunity Manager, and Prophet Reports and how to get in touch with customer service.