Reciprocity — Giving Something to Get Something

Reciprocity - Giving Something to Get Something

Many sales and marketing professionals find themselves in a rut, sooner or later. Even with a well-developed sales script or enough understanding of the field to skip one, they find customers just aren’t interested in what they have to offer. No matter how had or soft the sell is, things seem to fall through every time. Often, this comes with too much focusing on the bottom line–and the more a sales professional focuses on absolutely ensuring a sale gets made, the less selling actually gets done.
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Easy Tips and Tactics for Effective Selling


Sales isn’t just about presenting people with a widget that will solve all their problems. To be an effective salesperson, one has to also understand how to get people to recognize that such a widget will solve specific issues or otherwise grant a buyer some kind of benefit. With budgetary concerns at the forefront of the collective mind, however, actually getting buy-in from a prospective customer can be a complex and multi-layered problem that requires sensitivity and empathy.
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How Do You Build Strong Mentoring Relationships in Sales?


As a new generation of sales professionals begins to make its mark on the workplace, the need for effective mentoring has increased dramatically. As younger people begin to see sales as less of a career and their older counterparts come to it after shifting out of other fields, it’s a novice’s world–and getting the most out of these new professionals requires a large amount of effort up front. Many businesses have recognized this and have begun increasing spending in employee training after a temporary lull during the recession of the late 2000s. According to the 2014 Corporate Learning Handbook, spending on corporate training increased by 15% in 2013 and is trending steadily upward.
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