Reciprocity — Giving Something to Get Something

Reciprocity - Giving Something to Get Something

Many sales and marketing professionals find themselves in a rut, sooner or later. Even with a well-developed sales script or enough understanding of the field to skip one, they find customers just aren’t interested in what they have to offer. No matter how had or soft the sell is, things seem to fall through every time. Often, this comes with too much focusing on the bottom line–and the more a sales professional focuses on absolutely ensuring a sale gets made, the less selling actually gets done.
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Webinar – Prospecting the Sandler Way with Prophet CRM

Tired of the same old approaches to sales that leave customers and agents feeling burned out? Do you want to distinguish yourself from the competition and go beyond just selling a product? The real task of today’s sales agents isn’t to just collect a check from a prospect—it’s actually to assist that prospect in making the best decision they can for their own company. How does a sales agent do this without jeopardizing their own chances for success?

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What’s the Best Way to Use Customer Feedback?

It is easy to over-compartmentalize different aspects of a business. Sales personnel try to move a product, marketers try to draw attention to a product, and research and development teams create innovations and iterations that lead to new products. But this kind of thinking–this idea that sales and marketing and the evolution of a product are siloed operations–can result in the loss of key opportunities to improve on a business template.
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Easy Tips and Tactics for Effective Selling


Sales isn’t just about presenting people with a widget that will solve all their problems. To be an effective salesperson, one has to also understand how to get people to recognize that such a widget will solve specific issues or otherwise grant a buyer some kind of benefit. With budgetary concerns at the forefront of the collective mind, however, actually getting buy-in from a prospective customer can be a complex and multi-layered problem that requires sensitivity and empathy.
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Back to Basics – Spring Cleaning for Sales Success

As winter makes way for potential new growth, you and your team might be looking towards bigger and better ways to meet your sales quotas. Instead, take a step back and refresh your team with some basic skills that will give them a solid sales foundation. In this week’s roundup we review productivity, sales, and management articles that will remind you of those tried-and-true tactics that keep customers coming back year after year.

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Doing Good, and Feeling Good, Means Selling Good

Although some might focus their attention on the unlucky fact that this is yet another Friday the 13th, we realized it’s also National Good Samaritan Day. As such, we decided to bring you the best articles about creating emotional connections with your customers through generosity and goodwill tactics. Sales reps and managers who close deals without building long-term relationships won’t last long. So, today we focus on a few new tools and ideas that will help you better connect with clients in a way that makes you both look and feel good.

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Getting Down and Dirty With Data – Sales Roundup, March 6

Although “data” might be a dirty word around your office, it’s one of the best and easiest ways to clean up your sales act this year. Take some time and peruse these data-friendly articles. They might just give you inspiration to invest in a pro-information attitude and CRM program that will slim down your sales processes and build a better conversion strategy.

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Motivators, Innovators, and Managers Who Crush

This week we take a look at the management issues that affect sales organizations the most – motivation, productivity, and responsive leadership. With insights from well-known leaders like Mark Hunter (@TheSalesHunter) and Mark Donnolo (@MarkDonnolo), you can be inspired to lead with more authority, drive productivity, and cultivate a happier sales team.

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Is Creativity the Key to Successful Selling?

How much does creativity really impact a sales team? This week’s roundup focuses on exploring the answer to this question, as we review creative ways of developing new talent, managing time, and increasing online sales traffic. These articles cover new solutions for increasing your email open rate, implementing SEO tricks, and everything in between. No matter how creative you think your team is now, these resources will keep your mind on the future, and give you motivation to explore some new (and potentially lucrative) options.
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