Webinar – Prospecting the Sandler Way with Prophet CRM

Tired of the same old approaches to sales that leave customers and agents feeling burned out? Do you want to distinguish yourself from the competition and go beyond just selling a product? The real task of today’s sales agents isn’t to just collect a check from a prospect—it’s actually to assist that prospect in making the best decision they can for their own company. How does a sales agent do this without jeopardizing their own chances for success?

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Outlook and Windows 10 — Common Questions and Answers

Many businesses have begun upgrading to Windows 10 since it was made available free of charge for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users. Different companies have chosen to convert for different reasons–some see it as part of a push for more modern computer infrastructure with better official support, while others prefer the synchronization of having the same operating system on their computer as is on their Windows Phones. Many apps, like Office 2016, function more or less identically on both phones and PC, which makes it easy for individuals with mobile devices to share apps and data between the two.
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Communications Tech for Better Business & Selling


Businesses today have countless communications tools at their fingertips for keeping things running, from simple telephones and video systems to less traditional applications like productivity workflows. Keeping in touch with employees, coworkers, customers, and stakeholders has become easy and seamless, and lots of technology exists that is designed to fit unique business needs.
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