What should your CRM be telling you about your business?

Find out how Prophet CRM’s unique "integration" with Outlook provides unmatched transparency into and accountability of your business.

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Unlike other Outlook "integrated" CRM applications, Prophet CRM's client physically resides within Microsoft Outlook. This lets Prophet CRM leverage and extend Outlook's existing functionalities, transforming it into a highly effective CRM application -- no user application switching costs, no continual data syncing, no duplicate entry of user activity data.

Prophet CRM Lets Your Team Leverage The Work They Are Already Doing


Since it's embedded, Prophet CRM automatically takes advantage of the activities your team performs in Outlook throughout the business day. Outlook-based emails, meetings and other calendar events, contact updates, and tasks are auto-tracked and associated with the appropriate sales opportunity in real-time. Automatic activity tracking not only results in less data entry by your team - it also improves the accuracy, timeliness and comprehensiveness of vital data regarding your customers, pipeline, and sales team. You will gain new and incredibly valuable insight into your business.

Simply auto-link an email address with a sales opportunity in Prophet CRM ...

... All emails and calendar events sent from Outlook (mobile or desktop) ...

... are automatically associated with the appropriate sales opportunity.


Prophet CRM Let's you Work Efficiently Within One Application

Work Efficiently Within One Application

Work within Outlook, the one application your team already knows and is using daily to manage customer relationships. Prophet CRM completely eliminates applications switching costs and reduces duplicate data entry for your entire team.

Prophet CRM's Improved Activity Tracking Generates Increased Sales

Improved (and Easier) Activity Tracking Generates Increased Sales

Prophet CRM automatically tracks all Outlook-based activities and provides accurate, timely, and comprehensive data regarding what is really going on with your customers, sales pipeline, and sales staff. Prophet CRM's automated activity tracking provides valuable insight into your sales process, including what it really takes to win deals ... and why others are lost.

Prophet CRM Helps You Understand What Makes Your Stars Shine

Understand What Makes Your Stars Shine

Prophet CRM's auto-tracking provides explicit detail regarding how each member of your sales team manages their accounts. Prophet CRM's data will help you understand why some sales team members seem to consistently close more sales, while others don't. Use this information to determine best sales practices and elevate the performance of your entire sales team.

Prophet CRM is Expertly Implemented

Expertly Implemented

You may be a CRM expert and know exactly what processes, data templates, and reporting you want to deploy in order to optimize your CRM implementation ... or you may not. Regardless of your company's level of expertise, Avidian provides highly experienced implementation experts to assure that Prophet CRM is optimized for your business. All Avidian implementation experts are in-house employees based at our Seattle headquarters and draw from our best-practices experience based on thousands of implementations.

Prophet CRM Reduces Infrastructure Costs

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Prophet CRM's cloud-based hosting eliminates traditional hardware and infrastructure costs and works with existing Exchange or Office 365 implementations.


Complete CRM Features Designed for Sales Teams in Microsoft Outlook

Complete CRM Features Designed for Sales Teams

Prophet CRM is the CRM designed specifically for sales teams determined to excel. Prophet CRM's feature set includes highly customizable dashboards for organizing and prioritizing sales opportunities, comprehensive sales automation work-flows, effective group email tools, and easy-to-use custom forms that export to Word or Excel. Prophet CRM provides sales teams the right features to optimize sales efficiency and revenues, all from within Outlook. (Learn more)

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready in Outlook

Schedule meetings or send emails via any Outlook-connected app and keep track of your pipelines remotely, at the office or on the road. (Learn more)

Customizable Industry Tailored CRM Templates

Customizable Industry Tailored CRM Templates

Every business is unique. Prophet CRM was designed to be customized based on variable business needs. our implementation experts start with an industry template most closely matching your sales process and data acquisition needs, then work with you to hone that template to your business. (Learn more)

Get Integrated with Prophet CRM

Get Integrated

Prophet CRM is a highly effective stand-alone CRM and sales pipeline management tool. However, you can boost that effectiveness by integrating Prophet CRM with accounting, lead capture, and marketing automation applications. Avidian offers comprehensive integration options to automate the entire customer life-cycle management process. (Learn more)


Avidian believes so strongly in our value proposition, we back it with a guarantee.

Avidian knows that Prophet CRM's unique integration with Outlook makes it one of the most powerful CRM systems on the market today. Avidian also knows that seeing is believing. Our performance guarantee provides you the opportunity to see how Prophet CRM will fit specifically into your environment and improve your business. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied, cancel the remainder of your Prophet CRM contract anytime during your guarantee period at no extra cost.

Let us show you how Prophet CRM will improve your business