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How Does CRM Benefit Construction?

The construction industry is a competitive realm where representatives sell new construction projects or materials to buyers from a variety of industries. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, they have to fight to provide the winning package; therefore, they must prioritize keeping track of all the small details about their clients and what they are looking for.

CRM can solve the problem many construction sales representatives face. With a centralized digital space for contact, communication, and automation management, CRM allows representatives to save time and streamline communications in the sales process. Avid CRM is a customizable, user-friendly CRM with key tools that will put sales representatives on their A-game.

crm for construction
contact and opportunity management for Outlook CRM

Contact management and communication.

CRM is an extension of the communication and calendaring platform your company already uses. It provides the necessary tools representatives need to provide an excellent customer experience for all contacts. CRM organizes your company’s extensive contact database, allowing employees to spread their attention further to stay in touch with all clients, leads, and suppliers. Allow your team to share rich contact, company, and opportunity records along with timelines of all communications with them.

Avid CRM is uniquely customizable, with tailorable data fields, sales process automation, email templates, and more, making it possible to store more than basic contact information; keep track of expected revenue, projected close date, parent companies, and more. Search, sort, and filter your CRM database by your custom-made fields to find the exact information you are looking for. Keep your paperwork organized inside of your database and tied to the correct record for easy recollection. Avid has a unique feature that allows emails to be tracked and linked to specific projects based upon a unique identifier like project name, project property address, and more.

Pursue new leads.

CRM systems provide a systematic way to log new leads, push them through the sales process, and convert them into devoted clients. In construction, there are many different types of projects, all with countless details that need to be remembered. All of these details can be logged and organized inside a CRM system. Many CRMs will integrate with website lead forms, converting interested prospects into contact records in your database. CRM automation tools help streamline your sales process and provide a visual diagram of what stage every lead is in.

Avid CRM prevents leads from slipping through the cracks with key integration, automation, and communication tools. Avid lets you track lead details specific to the construction industry so that no prospect feels misunderstood. Avid’s advanced Automation Suite simplifies the sales process through actions taken at every stage of a client’s touch-point journey. Review reporting analytics to see how your team’s strategy is doing and how many new leads they are creating.

Construction smart technology
centralize your workflow for the whole team

Centralize workflow.

Synchronize and upgrade the workspace that all your departments use to close more deals and keep clients satisfied on a unified front.

Avid CRM allows you to continue using Outlook, the familiar platform you already know, and enhance it with Avid’s user-friendly feature set to boost productivity. Avid’s built-in Workflow Automation Suit allows you to avoid repetitive tasks by streamlining or fully automating time-consuming parts of the sales and marketing process. View team performance with analytics from Prophet’s pipeline, activity, and team dashboards. Always know which projects are the most profitable, which representative is generating the most activity, when revenue is expected to come in, and more. Avid CRM allows for all departments to share visibility of data by integrating their software systems into Avid CRM.

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