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How do I install Avid Mobile?

  • Open App Store or Google play on your mobile device and search for Prophet Mobile. You can also click on the buttons below.

How do I log into Avid Mobile?

  • You will use your Avid assigned username and password
  • If you are an On-Premise customer you will need your Server URL. This can be adjusted in Settings.
  • If you need to reset your Avid Password: Follow the instructions here! Note that you will need to update the Avid password in your Outlook client to match.
  • Pull down from the top to refresh the app’s views.

How do I add contacts, companies, or opportunities into Avid Mobile?

  • Tap on one of the pictures on the bottom of the app labeled Contacts/companies/opportunities
  • Hit the “+” symbol located in the top right
  • Fill out all pertinent information and hit save in the top right

How do I enter notes into Avid Mobile?

  • Search for the contact, company, or opportunity from the home page
  • Tap on the client or company you wish to create a note for
  • Type in or press the talk-to-text microphone icon on your mobile device to input your note
  • Make sure to click save

How I edit a contact, company, or opportunity?

  • Tap on any contact, company, or opportunity you wish to edit
  • Then, in the upper right-hand corner of your device, tap the three horizontal dots
  • Select edit
  • Make sure to click save

How can I connect with my contacts, contacts, and opportunities?

  • You can connect with contacts/opportunities in multiple ways. Simply slide a piece of contact information with your finger to the left to reveal icons to call, email, create a task, or find the location of your contact. Then, click on the desired method.
  • Note that if there no phone, address, or email listed the icons for those actions will not appear.

How can I reset my password?

  • Go to and enter your email in the top box (see the picture to the right)
  • Select ‘Forgot your password?’ in the are below
  • An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to set a new password

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