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Requirements for Avid CRM on an Apple Macintosh

These instructions will take you through the set up requirements using Virtual Machines’ (VM’s) or Boot Camp.

The most common way to set Prophet up on a Mac is via a Virtual Machine. This is a method where Microsoft Windows is in a self-contained environment. Parallels, VMware Fusion and OpenBox are the most popular Virtual Machine applications and that operate very similar.

Boot Camp is a great option if your Mac does not have enough resources to run a Virtual Machine. Boot Camp is provided by Apple in the Utilities folder and operates as a wizard to partition your Mac hard drive to allow Windows to be installed on the newly created partition. The Boot Camp is commonly referred to as a “Dual Boot” method, which means you can start your computer up with one of two operating systems installed. When using Boot Camp hold the “Option” key down during power up until you are presented with a screen with the Windows and Apple logo referencing which operating system you would like to use.

When going with the Virtual Machine option remember you are running two operating systems simultaneously and therefore should have twice the resources as you would need to run one operating system.

Virtual Machine setup Requirements:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • 40GB Hard Drive space available
  • 2-4 cores (half will go to a Virtual Machine
  • DVD drive (internal or external)**
  • Windows Disc with license key.
  • Office subscription or DVD with license key.

**(Advanced users might have an .iso of Windows and then would not need a DVD drive)

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