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Avid CRM website integration.

Avid CRM can be integrated with your website. This allows you to conveniently make use of your website to capture qualified leads with contact information and other information entered from web forms. This sends the data directly to your CRM.

Customize your web forms with data fields mapped to Avid to gain in-depth contact and opportunity records.

System integration with Avid CRM.

With Avid’s Integration Engine & Open API, developers can create applications and services that automatically perform tasks or interact with your CRM database. Integration requires a Restful/OData knowledgeable developer. Extensive documentation and Developer support is available on an hourly or project basis. Other systems must provide access to its data through an API or access directly to the database. There is no charge for access to the API or documentation.

We also offer integration services for turn-key integration projects.

CRM-with-accounting-software-integration-opportunities-with Prophet-CRM

Accounting software integration with Avid CRM.

Harmonize your team by connecting your accounting software to Avid CRM. Accounting representatives will have access to your sales team’s customer information records, and the sales team will be able to view consistently updated financial information.

Integration with ERP systems.

When you pair the ERP system that you already use with Avid CRM, your whole team will be able to see and support the larger operations of your business. All of your departments will be able to easily work together to synchronize customer details, configure flexible workflows, and deliver more personalized customer service.

CRM-with-ERP-software-integration-opportunities-with Prophet-CRM
CRM-with-built-in-pipeline-automation-suite-with Prophet-CRM

Pipeline automation suite.

Need a way to automate your sales pipeline? Look no further than Avid CRM. Fast-track your team’s sales process with Avid CRM’s Pipeline Automation Suite.

Customize your follow-up with automated email alerts, field-to-field calculations, and automated updates to fields based on criteria you choose. Avid CRM’s pipeline automation helps keep deals from falling through the cracks, ensures opportunities are updated regularly, and provides visibility to your management team of key data.

Connect to cloud-based apps.

Connect Avid CRM to hundreds of cloud-based services or create and integrate your own applications.  Avid’s open API allows developers to easily integrate powerful tools such as Zapier, Scribe Online, Informatica, and Apiant.


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