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Prophet CRM can read the contacts and companies you already have. You need a centralized location where you have access to all of your Contacts, Companies, Vendors and projects.You also want that program to intuitively follow the manner in which you gather your information and track your business.

When it comes to EVERY EVENT or Project, you will know the:

  • Project Description
  • Status
  • The Stages all the way from Identification through the negotiation of the contract and delivery

You will be able to quickly identify the:

  • Event type
  • Where the Lead came from – so you know what is paying
  • The Venue Type needed – so you can immediately source locations for availability
  • Then the SIZE of event and # of guests you are dealing with
  • The DATE of the Event of the Deadline for the project
  • The expected Revenue or the Budget

Then you can begin collecting other important information and identifying the specific products and services that will be needed.Here you will have an area that enables you to go into the Group and choose the product or service and add it to a list. You can then update and start creating your invoice. An Invoice that you can:

  • custom design
  • print by touching icons
  • automatically capture under the File Tab in the Project
Whether you are executing on:
  • Installations
  • Rentals
  • Or Events
  • Notes
  • Relevant Files and Data involved in that account relationship

The REAL devil is in the details. Things like:

  • Critical Dates
  • Start and stop times
  • Venue
  • The function
  • Catering
  • Set Design
  • Themes
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Attire
  • Security
  • Music and the list goes on
Combine that with the tracking of every note, email, task or file and then feed all of that into your reporting… You can look at your business by metrics of:
  • Stages
  • Revenues adjusted by probability
  • Break it out by Sales Consultant

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