Prophet CRM Works the Way you Work, right in Outlook

Integrate with Other Systems

  • Connect Prophet CRM to front and back office systems.
  • Have Avidian's Professional Services Team integrate it.
  • 40+ integrations available to existing third party solutions.
  • Custom database integration is easy. Ask us about flat-rate pricing.
Integrated with other systems

Implementation Managed by Avidian

  • Avidian owns all implementations to ensure CRM success and satisfaction.
  • Includes Business Process Identification, Customization, Implementation, User Training, and Education.
  • Managed by Avidian's experienced CRM Experts.
  • Dedicated support from intial planning to post-installation.

CRM Tailored to your Industry

  • Industry templates enable Avidian to quickly customize Prophet CRM to your needs.
  • Avidian's CRM experts get you set up with an industry template, customized for your business.
  • Get a head-start on implementation by leveraging the acquired knowledge of thousands of implementations, at customers just like you.
CRM Tailored to your Industry

Prophet CRM has been installed by over 15,000 customers. Here are a few:

Avidian Prophet-CRM customer logos
  • A CRM Inside Outlook

    With so many different CRM options available today, it can be tough to find the right one for your team. Here's why we recommend using Prophet 7 by Avidian within Microsoft Outlook.

    You're Already Using Outlook

    This almost goes without saying, but it needs to be said: Microsoft Outlook is the first thing most teams check at the beginning of the work day, and it's the last thing many check at the end. Outlook incorporates contacts, scheduling, email, and tasks in one convenient package. It's a powerful, flexible personal information manager that integrates well with mobile devices and other software tools.

    Incorporating a personal CRM solution 100% inside Outlook means you can add more functionality to an already useful tool.

    The Transition is Easy

    Because your sales team is already using Outlook, there's no downtime required to stop and learn a new platform. Instead, you can pick up Prophet CRM right away and integrate it into your marketing and customer service efforts immediately. Your application and workflow don't need to change.

    Since all of your information is already in Outlook, there's also no need for duplicate data entry, a task that eats up tons of valuable time.

    It Makes Outlook More Powerful

    Outlook already makes it possible to manage and share important customer information. Incorporating CRM software for Outlook just makes all of those tasks easier. A CRM in Outlook will synchronize your customer profiles and account data to make sure your information is always accurate, and it will capture and organize the details of every customer interaction within Outlook's framework. The upshot is more efficient marketing, better customer service and ongoing, positive relationships with customers.

  • CRM Software

    Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a set of software tools designed to help businesses track and organize customer data, automate sales and marketing tasks, and provide ongoing customer support. Most CRM tools were created with business-to-customer (B2C) interactions in mind, but they can also be used in business-to-business (B2B) settings to track clients, sales leads, business contacts, and contract wins.

    One of the core functions of CRM software is contact management. A CRM program allows the business to store and retrieve updated customer contact information, including names, physical addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. CRM software also makes it possible for multiple people at the same company to access this information as needed.

    Another key feature of most CRM programs is sales pipeline management, which tracks the progress of each sale at each stage in the pipeline. Typically, the program reports the total number of sales, the average size of each deal, the average length of time each deal spends in the pipeline and the percentage of leads that turn into successful sales.

    Robust CRM solutions include predictive analytics, which help businesses anticipate and capitalize on marketing and sale opportunities. By spotting those opportunities ahead of time, business leaders can proactively plan for and take advantage of them.

    The upshot of good customer relationship management is better integration of advertising, marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. All communication with customers, from email marketing to customer service follow-up calls, can be routed through the same system and stored in the same dedicated database.