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Prophet sales automation features make sales teams more efficient by reducing repetitive tasks and notifying sales when to follow-up.


Prophet workflows automatically execute specified Outlook activities at designated sales stages, saving the time required to keep track of when to follow-up with a specific opportunity.

Workflows not only unburden teams from keeping track of many different follow-ups and nudges, but also prevent sales opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Sales teams never forget when and what to do next to close a sales opportunity.

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As sales opportunities move through the various sales stages from lead to customer, Prophet Workflows effectively manage the routine administrative activities relevant to each stage.

Here are a few common workflow use cases:

  1. After sending a proposal to a customer, schedule an automated follow-up email the day after the proposal is sent. Set an automated task to remind you if a customer has not responded two days later.
  2. Welcome Email
  3. Order Confirmation
  4. After closing a sale, send a Thank you follow-up
  5. Customer satisfaction survey
  6. Schedule legal review for a contract

Every sales manager wants their team to spend more time selling and less time performing administrative tasks. Prophet offers three sales automation tools to automate repeatable tasks: Group Email, Workflows, and Auto-Forms. Our customers tell us they love these simple yet effective time-savers because they’re easy to use and cost-effective.

Group Email

Prophet enables sales and marketing teams to quickly send bulk email communications with custom or template messages. Simply select a set of opportunities, contacts, or companies to generate an email list in seconds. Each email is personalized and sent individually via Outlook, avoiding spam filters that typically block large email distribution lists.

Group Mail saves countless hours of work that would otherwise be required to export data into another email marketing system, or to manually email each contact. All Group Mail messages are automatically tracked in the appropriate Prophet Opportunity Record along with a data/time stamp the activity was performed for future reference.


Common use cases of Group Mail include sending updates for drip campaigns, pricing changes, new promotions, product announcements, and seasonal follow-ups. The options for Group Mail are limited only by the creativity of the sales and marketing teams using them.


Prophet Auto-Forms enable sales teams to quickly create unique customer communications without having to copy and paste specific customer data into external documents.

The creation of custom emails, sales quotes, sales orders, order confirmations, and any other imaginable Outlook, Excel–based document can be achieved in seconds, right from the Prophet CRM system.