The Irony of CRM

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Using CRM is essential and the challenge is providing a solution that is an intuitive extension of what your employees already do each day.

I have asked Managers, “Why would you fire one of your employees”? The answer usually implies that the employee is not doing the BASICS of calling, setting appointments, doing follow-ups and closing business. They think the answer is to track all activities by making their employees record them. Then the Manager will drive those metrics and expect higher productivity and success. Seems logical but not that simple in dealing with day to day reality.

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The Real Benefits of CRM

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As Sr. VP., Dir. of Sales & Marketing, I often stay hands-on in providing business consulting in order to design the most efficient and intuitive CRM interface for User Adoption and achievement of established goals. Just wanted to share a few thoughts with those of you contemplating the implementation of a new CRM or reviewing your current CRM. Unlike building a home wherein you start with the foundation, building a CRM must start at the TOP. Then build the perspective of the Users into the plans.

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Using CRM Systems in Unique Ways

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The primary use case for a CRM system is, of course, to manage customer relationships. Most programs that exist today are optimized for performance in this space: essentials like tools for tracking sales and integration with common marketing software tend to squeeze customer relationship management software towards a very narrow function within the overall needs of a business.
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Inbound Marketing and CRM Strategy

Marketing and CRM strategy

Inbound marketing and customer relationship management both trade on the same basic principle: interacting with your company shouldn’t feel like a chore. In the ideal case for both, customers feel like a valued part of your business and have reasons to come interact with it beyond a new product purchase or need for technical support. Basically, customers should want your world and theirs to overlap more than is minimally necessary.
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Referrals — Putting Customer Relationships to Work

Customer relationship management

The best marketing is often word of mouth. When customers are happy, they generate new business. When they are unhappy, they can actively stymie efforts to create and qualify leads by telling others about their bad experiences. Even before the age of public satisfaction forums on social media, there was lots of evidence suggesting dissatisfied customers reach out more frequently and with more force than satisfied ones. A study by Eugene Anderson in the late 90s demonstrated the lack of consistency among results in measuring the customer satisfaction-word of mouth relationship.
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Permission Marketing and CRM — A Natural Pair

permission marketing

A lot of marketing efforts can feel like wasted time, especially if you look at some of the numbers published by private studies. Some of these reports suggest that more than half of all email users, for instance, admit to not reading most of their emails, and many more just look at the sender and the title before making the decision to delete. For cold calls, success rates vary between 2 and 5 percent, depending on the industry. In a digital world where customers are more savvy and prone to skepticism at being approached by someone unknown to them, it can be hard to have enthusiasm and confidence that a marketing initiative is going to be successful.
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The Right CRM Program Part III — Money & Time

Mountain - CRM Program

This is the final installment of Selecting the Right CRM for Your Company, a series of articles where we discuss the key points you should be thinking about if you’re looking to implement a new system for your business. Here, we discuss the two overarching constraints of any business or software implementation endeavor: time and money. Knowing what features you want, how you want to implement your new CRM solution, and what your implementation goals are ultimately amounts to nothing if you lack a well-developed timeline and the money to back it all up.
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What’s the Right CRM Program for Your Company?

CRM Program for Your Company

Have you been on the lookout for a CRM program that will help you get the most out of each interaction with your customers? The market for CRM software is big and there’s a lot of choices out there, so navigating a first-time installation can be tricky. Even worse is when a company invests in a CRM system only to have it come up short, whether due to low adoption rates, missing features, or a clunky workflow. All of the money spent on the CRM program itself, switching systems, training employees, and IT resources can end up wasted if you are not careful.
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