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  • Sales and Marketing 101: Benefits, Not Features

    We take a look at the basic concept of connecting with customers through benefits that improve their daily routines, rather than through features that are easily forgotten.

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    It’s always important to balance a drive for high quality with a habit for action.

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    Some viral campaigns are planned and some aren’t. Every marketing campaign can be optimized towards a basic level of success with a careful look at the target audience.

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    This week’s roundup focuses on leveraging creativity and collaboration in the workplace.

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    Looking to become more efficient both at and away from the office? Here are a few apps to take care of the stuff that falls by the wayside.

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    Sales resources to sate both the superstitious and the romantic.

  • How Imposter Syndrome is Undermining Your Sales

    A look at the psychology of self-doubt and how it can have a negative impact on relationships with customers.

  • How to Use Freebies and Losses Effectively

    Freebies are a great way to attract new customers, but where do you draw the line?

  • Avidian Sales Roundup, Feb. 6

    This week’s roundup includes resources on things like self-management and conflict mediation.