Workflow Process Automation Solutions and Examples


How to Make Workflow Automation Work for You - Workflow Process Automation Solutions and Examples

Professionals across all departments and industries face the misery of monotonous daily tasks that waste time and effort. Whether it is creating and sending invoices or posting to social media, brainpower is thrown away on something that could be automated.

There are a number of process automation solutions that help to streamline workflow so that you can avoid repeating tedious tasks. Software systems like Prophet CRM offer workflow automation tools that incorporate themselves with your already existing work process in Outlook.

According to Zapier, 90% of knowledge workers report that using process automation improves their workday.

What is workflow automation?

With the increase in the use of technology in the workplace, new advances are being made every day. Workflow automation is becoming a widely loved solution to issues professionals face. According to a study by McKinsey and Company, 31% of companies have already automated one action in their business process.

Workflow automation is a versatile tool that can be wielded by people of different departments,  positions, and industries in a multitude of ways. Read on to see how you specifically can benefit from using workflow automation.

Workflow Automation defenition.

Workflow automation allows the flow of tasks in a workflow to be programmed to mechanically occur based on requirements set ahead of time. They are set using a software system. Tasks occur based on rules set by the user. Prophet CRM uses rules such as time delays to determine when actions occur. Other software programs use “if-then” rules to decide if an action is taken.

What does workflow automation do?

Different process automation platforms offer different automation features. Before deciding how to use workflow automation, you have to understand what your process design is. Assign different actions to the different stages of your process, then decide which actions are simple enough to entrust your workflow automation software to do on its own.

  • send emails
  • make calendar appointments
  • set reminders to call someone
  • create and send invoices/receipts
  • send surveys out
  • social media posts
  • filtering job candidates
  • etc.
What does workflow automation improve?

Workflow automation cuts down on the amount of effort and time that employees have to put into everyday processes. The benefits of workflow automation therefore are the benefits of having happier, more efficient workers.

  • Saves time and boosts efficiency
  • Creates insight into how to improve processes
  • Decreases the possibility of human error
  • Consistent quality of work
why workflow automation should be used

How does workflow automation work?

Automations are low-energy to implement and are high-yield, but how do you put them into place?

  1. Know your process.  – Write out a process design of the current workflow your department follows.
  2. There inevitably will be elements of your process that are mundane and repeat items — that’s what we want to automate!
  3. Create a workflow using your software system of choice. Log in the different stages and actions taken in each.
  4. Bulk out each action. Write out the emails to be sent, create template calendar events, etc.

There you go! You have a functioning automated workflow that will act on its own according to the specifications you put in place.

What is Workflow Automation in CRM?

Watch the guide on how to set up and use sales workflow process automation in Prophet CRM.

Workflow automation example:

Below is a simplified example of a workflow. Each step can be automated to optimize functionality or alleviate the time taken to complete it.

Sales prospecting for qualified leads workflow.
  1. Research and create a list of possible prospects.
  2. Send an introduction email to each prospect and offer to schedule a meeting.
  3. Meet with those who responded to the initial email.
  4. Send a follow-up email to see if they are ready to place an order.
How to automate this workflow.
  1. Use a B2B database like to research prospects. Import a targeted list of prospects into Prophet CRM. Integrate the webform on your website homepage with Prophet so that all interested prospects are automatically logged into your CRM. Use Prophet’s Workflow Automation feature to create a staged sales process where different occurrences happen at different stages.
  2. Set the first step of the sales process to send out an introduction email. Create a template with a call-to-action at the bottom that allows prospects to view your Outlook calendar and automatically schedule a meeting with you.
  3. Meet with those who responded to the initial email.
  4. Set the next step of the sales process to remind you one week after meeting with a client to follow up and call them to see if they are ready to meet or place an order.

Best workflow automation solutions.

1 - Prophet CRM - Sales workflow automation for small businesses using Outlook.

Prophet CRM.

Prophet CRM’s Workflow Automation tool allows you to control when and what actions are taken at every sales stage of your process without lifting a finger. With reminders that keep you on track, you can prevent missing a thing.

Prophet CRM could be perfect for you. It is a highly customizable, user-friendly CRM  embedded in Outlook. Prophet integrates seamlessly with your already existing Outlook contacts and workflow so that you can maximize productivity and avoid switching software.

Prophet CRM upgrades Outlook’s native contact manager and adds an advanced company and opportunity manager to make tracking records easier. With key features such as document generation, sales automation, reporting, and analytics, Prophet is more than just an extension of Outlook.

Prophet can be integrated with other software and cloud-based apps to further centralize your company’s digital work tools. Prophet Mobile App allows you to take your CRM database on the go while traveling out of the office or out of the country.

Our dedicated support team is available to help ease the onboarding process and answer any questions. Pre-recorded webinar videos are at your disposal to learn how to use Prophet CRM and Outlook.

Find more at our website, or click below to request a free trial.

2 - - Opportunity finding platform for whole companies

Prophet CRM. provides relationship intelligence for every aspect of your business. Whether sales prospecting, checking website traffic, or trying to understand your business network, makes it easy to find details on exactly who you are looking for. can be used to automate the research of new sales prospects. Simply filter through their list of contacts, save your search, and then automate notifications for when new prospects that fit your search have surfaced.

3 - Microsoft Power Automate - Process automation platform for Microsoft lovers

Prophet CRM.

If you already use Microsoft Office 365 and are looking to a simple solution to your need for workflow automation, look no further than Microsoft Power Automate.


  • AI digital process automation
  • Set automation to happen autonomously
  • Automate apps, data, and services in the cloud

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The ability to store and manage all of our contacts in one, easy to use application. The reporting and lead tracking features are very helpful as well. The interface is very intuitive.

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