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Social Media And Psychology — Why Do People Share?

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How Satisfied Are Your Customers?

There are countless reasons for a business to make certain that all of its customers walk away feeling satisfied. Satisfied customers bring in new business. Satisfied customers are compelled to share their positive experiences with your brand on social media. ... Read More.

Can Understanding Gamification Help Get You More Business?

With the growth of the Internet has also come a rise in online gaming and the usage of game design principles and theories in digital environments. This general trend has culminated in gamification, a business and marketing strategy that for ... Read More.

Using Online Video Platforms for Customer Relationships

Communication with customers has changed fundamentally with the rise of online video tools. When once it took a substantial amount of time, money, and effort to reach customers with a distinctive visual message, now businesses can move out video campaigns ... Read More.

Owning Failure — Accountability at Every Level

With the rise of large corporations has come a new-found ease in sharing, diverting, and burying blame. The more people that are involved with a given project, and the more resources need to be pulled from disparate areas, the easier ... Read More.

The Importance of Positivity in Business

No matter where they look people are told that they can't. It doesn't matter what field it's in; it doesn't matter what they're doing. People hear that they can't be happy without a new gadget. People hear that they can't ... Read More.

Domains for Measuring CRM Efficiency

At its core, customer relationship management is a strategic approach to understanding, measuring, and extending the customer-business lifecycle. As much as it involves technological innovation in the way customer transactions are monitored and in the way sales teams perpetuate the ... Read More.

Treating CRM As a Business Strategy

Customer relationship management is often discussed as a technological solution to an essential business problem: How do I make my customers happier and keep them with my product longer? The discourse often turns to the newest applications and software advancements ... Read More.

Why is CRM Software Sometimes Difficult to Implement?

A strong customer relationship management (CRM) system is often an indicator of a business that is highly efficient. Why? Because data in such a system is so cleanly kept that it can be analyzed and fed back to people responsible ... Read More.

Convention Selling — Swag That Will Turn Heads

The conference is coming up and your team is finalizing the game plan to hype your brand to the perfect crowd. Bad Idea Steve suggests the innovative idea of handing out logoed pens to the unsuspecting conference attendees. The question: ... Read More.